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Here’s How Your Local Quarry is Helping YOUR Community!

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February 14, 2018
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Here’s How Your Local Quarry is Helping YOUR Community!

Local Limestone Quarries Help the Community

The simple fact is that quarries, and the limestone products they produce, are a vital part of our modern life. Limestone, in its various forms, has been essential to human societies for thousands of years, dating back to the days of the pyramids. Without quarrying, we would not have stone, gravel, or sand that is essential to the modern construction industry.

Concrete serves as an essential building material in our modern society. It serves as the crucial building block for many of the things we use each day including our homes, hospitals, interstates, skyscrapers, shopping malls, schools, etc.


Limestone Quarrying Benefits the Economy

From a construction and engineering standpoint, our lives depend on limestone. However, the industry provides numerous economic benefits to South Florida as well. Limestone’s benefit to the community extends beyond simply providing construction materials.

South Florida’s Miami-Dade Limestone Products Association and the companies that it represents provide several positive impacts on the state and local economy. The limestone aggregate industry facilitates over 10,000 jobs and $550 million in wages and benefits for Miami-Dade community workers.

The operations in this area of western Miami-Dade County, also referred to as the Lake Belt Region, provides 50% of all the limestone utilized in the state for road construction and maintenance, commercial, as well as industrial projects.

While machines and automated systems are absolutely part of the extraction and production process, limestone mining is an arduous process, requiring numerous workers to extract, produce, and prepare limestone for the multiple industries that it supplies.

Automation simply cannot handle the entire limestone extraction procedure, necessitating additional workers. Many employees find long-lasting, viable, and valuable employment with the limestone quarrying industry.

Many of these employees live in the local neighborhood to remain as close as possible to their work. Their wages return to the local economy, including purchases from local businesses.

Limestone quarrying provides an inexpensive and efficient method to obtain vital aggregate materials. This helps keep infrastructure and construction costs low. In fact, Florida boasts some of the lowest construction costs anywhere in the country.

Furthermore, the low construction costs in our area enable the construction industry to accommodate our ever-expanding population. This is certainly present in the homes and buildings we construct.


Tax Revenue Generation

The limestone aggregate industry generates over $70 million in tax revenues for both the state and local Miami-Dade communities. This money is used to improve schools, healthcare systems, even water treatment facilities.

This investment into the local infrastructure results in improvements across the board, from roads and interstates to education and healthcare.


Striving to be Good Neighbors

The Miami-Dade Limestone Product Association understands the potential issues that come from sharing space with a quarrying operation. For this reason, state legislatures and quarrying industry companies do their best to provide information about the regulations we are subject to and the benefits we provide to the community.

The limestone companies in the Lake Belt Region take every step to minimize quarry blasting impacts both socially, and economically. This is why M-DLPA contributes to the local economy through both economic stimulation, as well as taxation.

Limestone is a vital component of our daily lives, our construction industry, as well as our economy.

When thinking of all the benefits the limestone industry provides, it is important to consider their value in our area.


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