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Limestone, Making Our Modern Lives Possible
September 15, 2017
Limestone Aggregate Product
November 2, 2017

Our modern lives rely on limestone.  We use it to build our homes, schools, hospitals and highways – virtually every major structure and road we use each day.  But limestone’s importance extends far beyond its use as a building material.  The companies who make up the Miami-Dade Limestone Products Association have an enormous impact on the state’s economy – especially the economy of South Florida.

The limestone aggregate industry in the Lake Belt Region of western Miami-Dade County provides 7,500 jobs, and nearly $550 million in wages, for South Florida workers. These operations provide 50% of the total limestone used in the state for road construction, residential, commercial, and industrial projects – a crucial commodity after the damage inflicted by Hurricane Irma. The limestone aggregate industry also generates $70 million in tax revenue for the state and local communities.  

Local production is also crucial to maintaining low construction costs – Florida has the lowest construction costs in the United States.  Without the M-DLPA’s local production, limestone aggregate would need to be imported, resulting in significantly increased building costs throughout the state.  It is estimated that without local limestone aggregate production, building costs in Miami-Dade County would increase approximately $800 million and nearly $1.5 billion statewide.  

Restricting limestone extraction and processing operations in the Lake Belt Region would send shockwaves through the local economy – building costs would increase, jobs could be lost, and tax revenue would decrease.

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