Our modern way of life depends on natural resources that come straight from the ground—some of the most important are found right here in the Lake Belt.


Every product, tool, luxury and necessity can be boiled down to fibers, minerals or both.

Fibers are grown.

You find them in simple necessities like toilet paper or the textiles used to make clothes.

Minerals are mined to make basic building materials. In fact, our South Florida operations provide the limestone needed to manufacture cement, concrete and asphalt—the products we take for granted to build our homes, schools, hospitals, offices and roads.

But there are also minerals in advanced products like lightbulbs.


Copper, nickel and aluminum are among the many minerals used.

  • Copper and nickel are used to create the wires that carry electricity from the source to the area that emits light.

  • Aluminum is used to create heat deflectors, which keep lightbulbs from burning too hot.


And air conditioner units.

From stainless steel encasings to aluminum tubing’s, air conditioning would be impossible without mined natural resources.


So, the next time you use a slick new device...

…drop your kids off at school…

…or drive to work…